What is fyg?

fyg is an innovative mobile app conceived at MIT - set up to proactively remind you about special dates for your loved ones, while also, providing you with personalized gift ideas from the hottest brands, and has the added bonus of instant purchasing with just a few clicks. To ensure your gift has the proper presentation fyg can also provide you with trendy greeting cards months in advance! Stop forgetting or procrastinating to buy your loved ones gifts - let fyg do the work for you.

How it Works

Forgot Your Wedding Anniversary?

Not Sure What Gift to get your Spouse?

We are Here to Help - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Create Profiles

Create profiles with ease, through a simple & guided survey, for friends & family you purchase gifts for Your survey answers will build an individual gifting profile and mark the special occasions you choose to remember (birthday, valentines day, etc).

Step 2

View Suggestions

fyg's proprietary recommendation engine will provide you with gift suggestions; which you can save for later or purchase immediately. The algorithm analyzes over 450M+ data combinations across 1M+ products (2000+ brands) to provide thoughtful and recommended gifts.

Step 3

Get Reminders

fyg will send you automatic app notification reminders 7 days before a gifting date; guaranteeing gifts will arrive in time without paying exorbitant expedited shipping costs. Gift recommendations are generated from top trending brands & retailers which you can purchase with just two clicks.

And its ALWAYS FREE: fyg's service is always 100% free and there is absolutely no commitment to purchase anything.
Better gifts in less time - never miss another moment

Pieter's Profile

"Pieter is young, recently graduated, busy lawyer who always forgets his girlfriend's and mother's birthday."

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